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Future-Proof Decision Intelligence With Quantagonia’s Hybrid Quantum Platform

Quantagonia has introduced the world’s first hybrid quantum platform to enhance enterprise’s decision-making, combining advanced classical solvers with future-proof quantum computing capabilities.

Since our first interview in spring 2023, the company has secured a seed round of €4.3 million, led by Tensor Ventures and followed by existing investors Voima Ventures, FTTF, the Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen, and a German family office.

We had the pleasure of speaking again with the founders, Dirk Zechiel and Philipp Hannemann, about the ins and outs of solving optimization problems, whether improving the computing hardware or the algorithms yields better improvements, and who is using their hybrid quantum platform* already today. 

Future of Computing News

🤖 An Open source alternative to Perplexity AI: Perplexica is an AI-powered search engine (GitHub)

🤖 Here’s the original paper from OpenAI: LLM Critics Help Catch LLM Bugs (OpenAI)

Funding News

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Credits: HuggingFace

“Over the past year, the benchmarks we were using got overused/saturated”

“Apple has showed a bunch of cool ideas for generative AI, but much more, it is pointing to most of the big questions and proposing a different answer - that LLMs are commodity infrastructure, not platforms or products.”

New course by Andrej Karpathy: “We are going to build everything end-to-end from basics to a functioning web app similar to ChatGPT, from scratch in Python, C and CUDA, and with minimal computer science prerequisits. By the end you should have a relatively deep understanding of AI, LLMs, and deep learning more generally.”

“Our goal with Claude isn't to create an incrementally better [large language model] but to develop an AI system that can work alongside people and software in meaningful ways.”

“Why does Alex believe that AI has the potential to be an even more powerful military asset than nuclear weapons?”

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