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ZeroPoint Technologies: Shaping the Future of Ultra-Fast, Hardware-Based Data Compression

Data centers are the backbone of our digital world. As the demand for compute skyrockets, so does the need to store and retrieve data efficiently, not only for streaming high-definition videos but also for training the latest AI models.

Currently, data centers consume about 2% of global electricity, with projections suggesting this could be 5x by 2030. Despite the push for renewables, managing the rising energy costs remains a challenge. But what if you could remove up to 70% of unnecessary data and thereby boost performance per watt by up to 50%?

ZeroPoint Technologies pioneers hardware-based data compression that can increase memory capacity by 2-4x and reduce the total cost of ownership for servers by up to 25%. Founded in 2016 by Per Stenström and Angelos Arelakis, it recently closed a €5.0M Series A, led by Matterwave Ventures, and joined by Industrifonden, Climentum Capital, and Chalmers Ventures

Learn more about the future of ultra-fast, hardware-based data compression from our interview with the CEO, Klas Moreau

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